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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"A Walk In The Wild Side"

Sunday, got up so late, almost noon, still upset of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight result...  Nevertheless, I enjoyed that night watching the highly anticipated bout between the Philippines' pride and the undefeated American fighter at the Tambayan Restaurant and Karaoke Bar on Bardstown Road.   The fight didn't start on time because of the NBA Basketball semi-finals, was home late, but then I stayed up until 3 reading people's uproar with the result, on Facebook and on twitter!  It is just amazing that not only the ordinary boxing fanatics, but some international athletes and celebrities as well, voiced out their opinions regarding the controversial decision.   Wait, this blog is supposed to be my trip to the zoo today,  and why am I talking about the Pacquiao-Bradley fight?  I guess, I'm really that affected by the "unfairness", and still can't get over it.

Went to the zoo today to do something different, took some good pictures, as much as I could.   The place closes at 5pm, but has to exit at six!  Got there at around 3:30, that gave me approximately two and half hours to roam around.   So much has changed since my last visit, but it's for the good.   Some of the animals have already found their spots to rest for the evening, but at least some were still out, and "posed" for me...

"Where to first?"


Dromedary Camel

Amur / Siberian Tiger

White Rhinoceros

African Lioness

African Lion

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Trumpeter Swan



Mallard Duck (male)

California Sea Lion


Ring-tailed Lemur

"Kissed By A Bee"


Cindy said...

beautiful kuya O!

Kuya O said...

Thanks! Will try to post more often...

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