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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

Life... OBX style!

The Outer Banks in North Carolina has a charm of its own. Unlike Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and VA Beach in Virginia, OBX is more of a family oriented vacation place. Not so much commercialization is going on, shops and restaurants are located a block away from the beach. There aren't much national chain of hotels/motels around, and the tallest building that I've seen is only about five (5) floors high. Mostly are locally owned condominiums that vacationers can rent. There's no boardwalk, and if you stay in a place by the beach front, you have the privacy to just walk down the beach.
On the first day of my visit, it was sunny, but still a bit chilly to enjoy swimming. I've seen a couple people who actually enjoyed the water, but these are kids who could actually care less of the water's freezing temperature. Below are some photos I randomly took while enjoying the cool sea breeze, a clear blue sky, warm sand and the sound of the water as it crashes against the shore, and the sight of herons and seagulls!

"Siblings on Surf Boards"

"Girl Friends"

"Lonely Guy"

"The Fisherman"

"The Kite Flyer"

"Home Away From Home"

"Joy Ride"

"Walkway Over Dunes"