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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"Remembering The Fallen Heroes"

How did you spend this year's Memorial Day weekend? I'm pretty sure you did have fun, whether just BBQing at your backyard or going elsewhere.   But what's important really, is the true essence of the holiday, remembering the fallen heroes who served for the country's freedom.

I have my own share too of how I celebrated it this year.   It started on a Saturday afternoon, went to the annual "Abbey Road On The River", it was, I think my third time going there! It is always fun, enjoying good The Beatles' music, various bands played, who were invited from all over the country, and even from overseas.   Several stages were set up at The Belvedere where the bands could play, in some cases, all night long!   But it was scorchingly hot that day, around 90's, that you only want to gulp more fluids, either beer or lemonade.   The usual festival foods were in every corner too!

The next day, together with my Filipino friends and their family, went to Deam Lake in Indiana, my first time!   I was kinda excited, not just with the company of good friends (and lechon on the picnic table!), but also because, of the beach!  Having lived near the coastal area back home in the Philippines, this is the closest beach in my second home Louisville, lol!   It was also a hot day, so staying in the water is so refreshing!

And finally, on Memorial Day itself, went to Cave Hill cemetery in the Highlands, so peaceful and quiet, paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

"Abbey Road On The River"

"Deam Lake"

"Cave Hill Cemetery"


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