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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"Romancing With A Belgian Horse"

Went to the Kentucky State Fair yesterday.  The traffic was horrible since the main gate was closed.  Yes, the main gate of the Kentucky Exposition Center was closed on the first Saturday of the fair!  We finally got to park after almost two (2) hours of struggle!  The ultimate reward was finding out that one of my entries in the photography contest earned the judges nod and was awarded Honorable Mention in the (Color) Scenic Category!

A Trout fish dinner at the Kentucky Cookout Tent filled my tummy, which was good, except for the hushpuppies that were hard as a rock, lol!  Then walked to see more of the exhibits and finally visited the Mules & Jacks.  I was really impressed with one of the Belgian horses.  She was friendly and loved to be petted, and seemed curious with the flickering red light of my camera, so I kept on shooting!  (And I thought this was cute, I heard a little girl tell her dad that the horse's mane looked  like her blonde hair...)

That was the last thing I did at the fair last night, tried to get home before the concert goers rushed out of KEC.  Rascal Flatts was at Freedom Hall and Hot Chelle Rae with Neon Hitch was at Cardinal Stadium.  For sure, traffic was going to be a mess again...