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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"Remembering The Fallen Heroes"

How did you spend this year's Memorial Day weekend? I'm pretty sure you did have fun, whether just BBQing at your backyard or going elsewhere.   But what's important really, is the true essence of the holiday, remembering the fallen heroes who served for the country's freedom.

I have my own share too of how I celebrated it this year.   It started on a Saturday afternoon, went to the annual "Abbey Road On The River", it was, I think my third time going there! It is always fun, enjoying good The Beatles' music, various bands played, who were invited from all over the country, and even from overseas.   Several stages were set up at The Belvedere where the bands could play, in some cases, all night long!   But it was scorchingly hot that day, around 90's, that you only want to gulp more fluids, either beer or lemonade.   The usual festival foods were in every corner too!

The next day, together with my Filipino friends and their family, went to Deam Lake in Indiana, my first time!   I was kinda excited, not just with the company of good friends (and lechon on the picnic table!), but also because, of the beach!  Having lived near the coastal area back home in the Philippines, this is the closest beach in my second home Louisville, lol!   It was also a hot day, so staying in the water is so refreshing!

And finally, on Memorial Day itself, went to Cave Hill cemetery in the Highlands, so peaceful and quiet, paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

"Abbey Road On The River"

"Deam Lake"

"Cave Hill Cemetery"

"A Walk In The Wild Side"

Sunday, got up so late, almost noon, still upset of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight result...  Nevertheless, I enjoyed that night watching the highly anticipated bout between the Philippines' pride and the undefeated American fighter at the Tambayan Restaurant and Karaoke Bar on Bardstown Road.   The fight didn't start on time because of the NBA Basketball semi-finals, was home late, but then I stayed up until 3 reading people's uproar with the result, on Facebook and on twitter!  It is just amazing that not only the ordinary boxing fanatics, but some international athletes and celebrities as well, voiced out their opinions regarding the controversial decision.   Wait, this blog is supposed to be my trip to the zoo today,  and why am I talking about the Pacquiao-Bradley fight?  I guess, I'm really that affected by the "unfairness", and still can't get over it.

Went to the zoo today to do something different, took some good pictures, as much as I could.   The place closes at 5pm, but has to exit at six!  Got there at around 3:30, that gave me approximately two and half hours to roam around.   So much has changed since my last visit, but it's for the good.   Some of the animals have already found their spots to rest for the evening, but at least some were still out, and "posed" for me...

"Where to first?"


Dromedary Camel

Amur / Siberian Tiger

White Rhinoceros

African Lioness

African Lion

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Trumpeter Swan



Mallard Duck (male)

California Sea Lion


Ring-tailed Lemur

"Kissed By A Bee"

"Wings for Kids"

It was an unusually cool Saturday morning, trying to sleep in, but as I checked my phone as I usually do before getting up, saw this FB status from a friend, who was at an RC air show.  And I remembered that today is the day of the annual remote control planes air show, "Wings for Kids" at the Steve Henry Airfield in E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, only about ten (10) minutes drive from my place.  Since I moved in the area three years ago, I oftentimes see the sign of this event but didn't have the chance to see it.  Nothing has been planned for the day, so I decided to call the park and asked for the details, luckily the show lasts until 5pm, which gave me enough time to fix myself up and head out.  Though it was quite cloudy and cool, thought it was still a perfect day to spend at the park.  Only $3 per person to get in and $10 for a car load, not bad!  I was really surprised to see the RC planes which were lined up, some were bigger than me!  There were different helicopter models too, when they're up in the air, they just looked like the real ones!  Amazing!  And I remembered what my brother had told me, my nephew JB, who is only about nine (9) years old, wants to become a pilot someday, which inspires me to take more photos and later on write a blog.  How I wished he was there with me to see it!  

I was pretty impressed with the exhibition, the planes took off and flew up in the air fast, the pilots did some maneuvers too which really excites the crowd, and when they land, just perfectly smooth.  Most pilots were from other states, like Ohio and Missouri, but there were some local pilots who showed their skills, who were as competitive as well.  The best part that I enjoyed the most was what they called the "American Warbirds from World War II" demonstration, wherein there were nine (9) model planes that were reproduction of World War II military aircraft up in the air simultaneously!  The pilots also handed some picture cards with their signature, to the delight of the kids.   There was also a game called candy drop, wherein the kids, ages eight (8) and below have the chance to get in close to the runway!  Parents were allowed to go with the kids but not to pick up the candies for them.  Some model planes with a special compartment in their fuselage would drop the candy  while airborne.  That was fun to watch!  Kosair Children's Hospital hero or mascot was there to guide them too.  Another game for both kids and the adults, called the egg drop, the one to catch the egg from the air, be able to keep it intact will get a cash prize, I think nobody won!  As I looked around, there were other activities that the kids could enjoy,  like the inflatable bounce house, face painting and flight simulation!  The kids went home with happy faces...

The event is not just merely about the RC Planes enthusiasts, but it served a good cause, raising funds to benefit the kids at Kosair Children's Hospital.

Check out also the video that I took from my cellphone, click link below...