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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"Weekend Getaway"

It was early summertime, but across America there was a heatwave! There had been triple digit weather in my city so thinking of going somewhere for the weekend might not have been a bad idea.

It's probably been around five (5) years or so that I last visited Dayton, Ohio where I went to see the Air Force Museum, and was curious to find the gravesite of the Wright Brothers.

This time, the annual Dayton Air Show is what fueled my interest in this short trip. The 2-day event was held at the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, just outside the city. Now in it's 12th year, the show is getting bigger and bigger each time, the show's producers said. Most of the surrounding hotels/motels were fully booked with tourists from nearby states or across the country.

The night before the show, I got some news update of what to expect. Weather-wise, it was forecasted to be in the 100's! And I thought I could escape the heat in Louisville, lol!

I brought with me some bottled water, sunblock, handheld umbrella (patio umbrellas weren't allowed) & a folding chair, but I was still wondering if I would survive the heat for the entire show, which ran from 11am 'til 4:30pm!

The show started with an air drop of the US flag, with Ms Ohio America 2012 singing the national anthem. Then the flight exhibition goes on and on. What really impressed me was "Tora,Tora, Tora," where the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 was re-enacted, with all the blasting and sirens going off, it gave the presentation realism! And of course, the show's finale, the Blue Angels! Precision was the perfect word to describe it! Just amazing!

The second day was spent mostly on viewing some of the aircraft that were on display, both from the US Air Force and privately owned. It was a good learning experience, and what was quite exciting was being able to get in the cockpits and sit in the pilot's seats. The pilots and event staff were very nice and answered queries too.

I was thinking of knocking it down and staying only half of the day, but it didn't happen, as the line to every aircraft was getting longer as the day went on. I ended up staying all day which gave me the chance to take more photos of the Blue Angels in action, some of which you can see below.

A great event and I didn't melt either...

The show started with a "Flag Drop".

Misty Blues--The all-female skydivers.

Wingwalking! Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

The 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing re-enactment.

The amazing US Navy Blue Angels!

The US Navy Blue Angels' exhilirating demonstration!

An array of US military and private aircrafts...

Pilots welcomed guests to their planes...

The cargo area inside a FedEx aircraft...

The heat didn't prevent the crowd from enjoying the event...

Probably the best seat to view the air show...

Handy digital cameras and shades, a must for this event...

Instinct of a thirsty toddler...

Theodore Van Kirk signing his book. He was the navigator of the Enola Gay when it dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. He's the last surviving member of the Enola Gay crew.

US Air Force personnel making the rounds at the Dayton Air Show.

Press coverage of the event.

Air Show enthusiasts were everywhere during the show...

Can't tell the planes apart without a program!

The planes move faster when you buy a drink from these guys! LOL

Colorful vendors row...

People had fun signing the gigantic tennis ball!

"Romancing With A Belgian Horse"

Went to the Kentucky State Fair yesterday.  The traffic was horrible since the main gate was closed.  Yes, the main gate of the Kentucky Exposition Center was closed on the first Saturday of the fair!  We finally got to park after almost two (2) hours of struggle!  The ultimate reward was finding out that one of my entries in the photography contest earned the judges nod and was awarded Honorable Mention in the (Color) Scenic Category!

A Trout fish dinner at the Kentucky Cookout Tent filled my tummy, which was good, except for the hushpuppies that were hard as a rock, lol!  Then walked to see more of the exhibits and finally visited the Mules & Jacks.  I was really impressed with one of the Belgian horses.  She was friendly and loved to be petted, and seemed curious with the flickering red light of my camera, so I kept on shooting!  (And I thought this was cute, I heard a little girl tell her dad that the horse's mane looked  like her blonde hair...)

That was the last thing I did at the fair last night, tried to get home before the concert goers rushed out of KEC.  Rascal Flatts was at Freedom Hall and Hot Chelle Rae with Neon Hitch was at Cardinal Stadium.  For sure, traffic was going to be a mess again...

"Day At The Downs"

Louisville is best known for its Kentucky Derby,  "the fastest two (2) minutes in sports"!  The race is the first Saturday of May each year, but the photos below were taken a day before the Spring Meet ended in July at the historic Churchill Downs.

Taking pictures of the actual horse race is a challenge!  I couldn't get it right, adjusting the shutter speed is a nightmare!  I promised myself to study more and be able to capture it right the next time. 

But it didn't stop me from clicking my camera, I thought below are some interesting subjects.  From the majestic twin spires, the betting windows in an old section of the track, the colorful silks worn by the jockeys, the mighty thoroughbreds, the ever-working grooms, the display of "derby" hats, of a family enjoying the race, and of the betting or of one simply sipping a mint julep...

"At The Old Ballgame"

After three straight nights of work, I deserved a break, and thank God it's Friday!  The Louisville Bats were playing against the Gwinnett Braves.  Though the weather forecast said 70% rain, it didn't stop me from going to the ballgame.  Dark clouds hovered over the city but the temperature was just about perfect to stay outdoors, in the 80's! 

It turned out to be a great evening at Slugger Field, nature painted the sky to perfection and no rain after all!  Had my hotdog & bratwurst, skipped my favorite Kizito cookie and enjoyed the game.

The Louisville Bats clovered the Gwinnett Braves, scored 22 - 1, much to the excitement of the locals!  Was quite a long game, a little over three hours, but the fireworks just capped it off, ending a gorgeous evening at Slugger Field!

"A Baseball Night"

"The Pitcher"

"The Catcher"

"The Cookie Lady"

"Celebrating The Bats' Win"

"Remembering The Fallen Heroes"

How did you spend this year's Memorial Day weekend? I'm pretty sure you did have fun, whether just BBQing at your backyard or going elsewhere.   But what's important really, is the true essence of the holiday, remembering the fallen heroes who served for the country's freedom.

I have my own share too of how I celebrated it this year.   It started on a Saturday afternoon, went to the annual "Abbey Road On The River", it was, I think my third time going there! It is always fun, enjoying good The Beatles' music, various bands played, who were invited from all over the country, and even from overseas.   Several stages were set up at The Belvedere where the bands could play, in some cases, all night long!   But it was scorchingly hot that day, around 90's, that you only want to gulp more fluids, either beer or lemonade.   The usual festival foods were in every corner too!

The next day, together with my Filipino friends and their family, went to Deam Lake in Indiana, my first time!   I was kinda excited, not just with the company of good friends (and lechon on the picnic table!), but also because, of the beach!  Having lived near the coastal area back home in the Philippines, this is the closest beach in my second home Louisville, lol!   It was also a hot day, so staying in the water is so refreshing!

And finally, on Memorial Day itself, went to Cave Hill cemetery in the Highlands, so peaceful and quiet, paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

"Abbey Road On The River"

"Deam Lake"

"Cave Hill Cemetery"