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"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

~ Eugene Ionesco ~

"One September Morning"

As I was driving home from work this morning, I couldn't help thinking back at my vacation, summer of last year in Myrtle Beach!  Why?  Because this morning was just as beautiful as it was!  That day I was up early as the sunlight peeked through the window pane, seemed eagerly inviting me to go down and enjoy the calmness and serenity of the beach.  Got up and grabbed my camera, didn't even bother to have a cup of coffee first to wake me up, and there I was, clicking and shooting of what was a magnificent view laid in front of me.  Then again, I came to realize how lucky we are to experience the beauty of nature, that we sometimes, or oftentimes ignore as we struggle from our busy lives.  The long stretch of the beach, glowed from the golden sunrise, so tranquil at that moment , marked only by the trucks that grade it down, will soon be enjoyed by hundreds as the day goes on.  As I looked around, the SkyWheel gave an additional touch to the beach front, moreso an exciting ride for the vacationers who wants to get a glimpse of what the environs would look like from the bird's eye view.  Contented of what I just had experienced, walked back to the hotel to get myself ready of what was planned for the day, I passed by a family  heading to the beach, and I thought, that the beauty of nature is best spent with your loved ones... Indeed, that was a sight to behold!

"Pier 14 Sunrise"

"Long Stretch"


"A New Day"


Cindy said...

So beautiful kuya O... keep up the good job --- keep clicking away!!!

Kuya O said...

Will do! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

All photos are beautiful and the best for me is "A New Day" I like it very much and perfect one.
Congratulations Kuya O

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